Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Turner's Alleged Actions in Caucus Draw Investigation Request by Democrats

Rep. Eric Turner
Republican lawmaker Eric Turner is under fire for his alleged behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts in caucus which would seem to benefit his family's business.

The Indianapolis Star reported Monday that Turner, the second most-powerful Republican in the Indiana House, publicly made it look like he was practicing good ethics by not voting in the overturn of a moratorium against new nursing care facilities in Indiana while lobbying for the overturn in caucus meetings.  Two anonymous Republican lawmakers leaked the information to the Star.

The thing is that Rep. Turner co-founded health care facility operator Mainstreet Property Group, who led the opposition to the moratorium, according to the Star.  Turner's son, Zeke, chairs the company, and his daughter, Jessaca, lobbies for Mainstreet. The moratorium pushed by existing nursing homes and health care facilities would have potentially harmed Mainstreet's business interests by stopping or delaying the construction of new nursing homes, the Star reports.

In response to the news of Turner's alleged behind-the-scenes actions, Democrats fired off a letter requesting an ethics investigation into Turner's activities on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.  Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody requested that the House look into Turner's actions to see if they violated Indiana's legislative ethics rules.

If this is all true, first of all bravo to the fellow Republicans that brought it to light.  Secondly, this is the worst kind of deception by a politician. If what is alleged is the way it happened, Turner was clearly trying to stay above board and look to his constituents as if he was doing the right thing while potentially doing the exact opposite in private.  Hopefully, Brian Bosma and the rest of the House will look into this matter.  This will certainly bear watching.


Anonymous said...

What is crazy is that back in 2010 Advance Indiana pointed out ethics problems of Turners involving the leasing of an office building owned by Turner and or his family. But state and federal officials haven't done anything against Turner! Don't bet on Hogsett to do anything he is only useful as a door stop!

Anonymous said...

This family has been brought to the attention to many since 2006....Time for this to end and hold all accountable for many matters with prior knowledge. DOJ?