Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Short Speaks in Decatur Township

Frank Short
Since my initial post here on him, I've heard a few things about Washington Township Trustee Frank Short.  The prevailing opinion has been, "Don't count him out."

Tonight, I had the chance to sit down with Short for the first time at an event and really get to talk to him.  I can see why folks say not to count him out in his run for Mayor.

Given a few moments to speak at the Decatur Township Democratic Club meeting, Short kept his message focused on getting the slate through the 2014 Primary, but he took a few moments to address something.  He called Marion County a "donor county" to the rest of the state of Indiana.  He said that Marion County should have $375,000,000 more in tax dollars by his calculations to spend on things like roads and streets, the City-County budget, and in other critical areas.  He said that when he's Mayor that he'll fight to get that money back.

It was short, sweet, and to the point, but I can see where he could be a definite foil for Mayor Ballard.  Short is quick-thinking and has experience with a variety of forms of government.

I still think there are other Democrats out there that will come out of the shadows to run, but Frank Short showed to me that perhaps I was unfair by classifying him as a long shot.  He seems to be in it to win it.


Anonymous said...

Just what Indy needs..another middle agnes pasty white dude that has been sucking on the tit of the public for years. Frank Short has an extremely bothersome past. He could not make it on his own, so he continues to live off of the Government. Just what the Democrats need.If you thought Kennedy was a terrible candidate,go ahead and nominate this nut case. You will hand Ballard the win. Of course, he is Lacy Johnsons hand picked dude,so he's going to win? ya that worked out well with Melina..Lacy just like your buddy Ed Treacy, 1970 called and they want their politics back.

johnnystir . said...

Where in my blog post was my endorsement? Please tell me.

Anonymous said...

The bullyboy tactics didn't work with the "coroner for Clerk " farce whihc thankfully was smelled out for the rat is was, and it won't work here. And John, you were very clear that you did not endorse anyone. It's obvious that Mr. Short is sincere in his desire to be Mayor. If not everything else.