Monday, March 31, 2014

Coats Raises Profile Ahead of 2016

Senator Dan Coats
Dan Coats seemingly somnambulated through his first couple of years back on the Senate floor after his 2010 win over Brad Ellsworth.  There were times that I honestly wondered if Coats was there at all.

That's all changed in the last few months.  Coats is active not only on the Senate floor and in the national media spotlight but on social media as well.  A couple of weeks ago, he drew attention by tweeting out his mildly humorous take on being banned from Russia by Soviet Premiere Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Coats' seat is up in 2016, and I think that this uptick in the profile signals that Coats will be running for reelection.  Some (including me) wondered if, at the age of 70, he would be a candidate or if he'd turn in his Senate ID and return to his job as a lobbyist in North Carolina Indiana.  Well 70 is just when some Senators hit their prime, and Coats has the benefits of being the incumbent.

That doesn't mean that there a few Indiana Democrats that could give him a run for his money.  You'd figure that those D's will make themselves known here in the next few months as it will likely take some cash to knock off Coats.

Coats also will have to protect his own flank lest he be primaried for not being conservative enough.  I don't think he'll have the trouble Richard Lugar did.  Coats is good at reading the tea leaves.  We've seen a man that once voted for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's confirmation as Supreme Court Justice rebrand himself into a Republican the Tea Party could be proud of.

We'll see what happens as this race develops over the next two years.

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