Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brown Booted

Kimberly Brown
Judge Kimberly Brown's career as a Marion County Superior Court jurist didn't even last one term.  The Democrat, unslated yet victorious in 2008, was booted off the bench by the Indiana Supreme Court for a variety of reasons.  It's all detailed in this report from WTHR.

It wasn't all bad news for Brown.  She gets to keep her license and can still practice law.

Brown, who was rarely seen at Democratic events or outside of her court duties, was running for reelection.  She's no longer eligible for judicial office according to the ruling.  With her forced from the race for judge, there will only be 10 Democrats running on the ballot in May for eight judicial slots.

Former Marion County Assessor Greg Bowes and Indianapolis Attorney David Hennessey will be on the ballot along with slated Democrats Judge Annie Christ Garcia, Judge Barbara Cook Crawford, Judge David Dreyer, Judge Jim Osborn, Angela Davis, Shatrese Flowers, Christina Klineman, and Marcel Pratt.

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