Friday, February 7, 2014

While I'm Endorsing...Marion County Superior Court Judge Candidate Edition

While the race for Marion County Clerk will have everyone paying attention to the results at slating, there are two other races on the Superior Court Judge ticket that bear watching. Today, I will endorse two candidates that, if I had a vote at slating, I would cast my vote for.

Three retirements and a judicial action have left a potential of four openings at slating. Incumbents David Dreyer, Barbara Cook Crawford, Jim Osborn, and Annie Christ Garcia are all worthy of your vote and are excellent judges by practice and reputation. Angela Davis and Marcel Pratt, not currently on the bench, are also unopposed at slating and will make great judges.

That leaves two contested spots on the slating ballot.

In one slot, Karen Celestino-Horseman is taking on Christina Klineman.  Klineman is a great person who would make a great judge, but I believe that Karen Celestino-Horseman is the kind of person we need on the bench in Marion County. In her career, she has been not only someone that has taken on a ton of impressive causes from the fight against voter ID to the battle to get Charlie White removed from office. She hasn’t always been victorious, but she’s usually been right. Celestino-Horseman stands as the voice for the voiceless many times as an attorney, and that experience will serve her well as a judge. Klineman is a very impressive candidate, but her breadth of experience just doesn’t compare to that of Celestino-Horseman. I believe in Karen so much that I joined her campaign committee.
Mark A. Jones

In the other contested slot, Judge Kim Brown is awaiting her fate by the Indiana Supreme Court after judicial misconduct allegations were leveled against her. It's very conceivable that she may be thrown off the bench. 

In her slating slot, two candidates are challenging her: Shatrese Flowers and Mark Jones. Either Flowers or Jones would make a great judge and would be a big improvement over Judge Brown. If I had a vote at slating, I would cast it for the experience of Mark Jones. His extensive background as an attorney and a commissioner for Judge Lou Rosenberg make him a tremendous choice.

I like all the candidates for judge.  Whatever eight emerge from slating should make the kinds of jurists that we can be proud of in Marion County.  With that said, I heartily endorse Mark Jones and Karen Celestino-Horseman.

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