Monday, February 10, 2014

Senate Takes Up HJR-3 Monday

The other side of the wacky Indiana General Assembly will take up the zero job creating and major economy killer known as HJR-3 today in a hearing that will likely end up as a vote to pass the darn thing in the end.

I mean, we already know that the supporters of the ban will truck people in from out of state and tell the Senators about how the world as we know it will end if HJR-3 is struck down in Indiana.  We know that there will be passionate Hoosiers telling the legislators about their families and how this terribly discriminatory amendment will adversely affect them.

The biggest question is will the Indiana Senate pass a version of HJR-3 with the second sentence back in or will they pass the same wording the House did with the second sentence deleted?  If the resolution passes committee it goes to the full Senate.

There are only 13 Democrats in the 50 seat Indiana House.  I don't think that HJR-3 will be voted down.  If it goes to the full Senate and is voted through with that second sentence, then all the gains go up in the air.  As it stands now, the process must start all over again if the Senate passes the version the House passed.  There will be no vote in November.

What remains questionable is what if the Senate reinserts the language by amendment and passes the resolution.  That would force this to a conference committee.  If the second sentence is reinserted and the House passes it, November is back in question.

Oddly enough, I actually think November with the second sentence is the best way to put down this awful proposed Amendment for Hoosiers.  Let's hope the Senate keeps us all from what would be a stomach-turning fight.  Tomorrow, we'll see where the fight goes from here.

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