Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pence Should Veto Alcohol at State Fair Bill

The Indiana House passed a bill yesterday that will allow the sale of alcohol at the Indiana State Fair.  Having already passed the Senate, Senate Bill 339 now is sitting on Mike Pence's desk waiting for his signature.

If I were the Governor, I would veto the bill.  Here's why.

Indiana has a burgeoning brewery and winery industry.  This legislation should have been tailored to help those industries and make sure the beer and wine sold at our Indiana State Fair was Hoosier brewed and produced.

It would simply take a majority of the votes in the House and Senate to overturn my veto as Governor, so it's
not like I'm killing the bill.  It would just show that I stand with our local brewers and winery owners.

I doubt Governor Pence will veto the bill.  Indiana is one of only two state fairs that currently do not allow alcohol, and I can see why it makes sense to allow the sales.  I just think it would be a cool thing for our state to recognize this rapidly growing industry within our state.

I wonder if the state is ready now to spend extra money on State Fair security because you know idiots, beer, and hot weather mix so well.  The State Fair used to just draw a handful of idiots in hot weather...add in beer, and here we go!  I can't wait to walk that Midway late at night with a few thousand drunks at the fair.  Now that's family entertainment, right?


Paul K. Ogden said...

The beers will be so overpriced that no one will be able to afford to get drunk on State Fair beer, the same way you have to be a millionaire to get drunk at professional sporting events anymore. People who want to drink for those events drink heavily BEFORE going into the arena. I don't think selling alcohol at the State Fair is going to do anything to create a disruptive, anti-family environment.

Anonymous said...


I respect your opinion on this topic, but I'm afraid to tell you that you're misinformed. The Indiana Brewer's Guild is strongly in favor of this legislation as written, so it has the support of the local industry. They want it, badly. Also, tailoring this legislation for breweries in Indiana has been deemed unconstitutional as it was presented in the House Public Policy committee. The State Fair has planned for this to be limited in scope with drinking only in a small area. Yes, the State Fair has plans/funding to deal with this situation.

I hope this clears up some of your misconceptions about this bill. It is giving the State Fair the ability to recognize the important role that breweries and wineries have in Indiana's agriculture community, but tailoring to them legislatively isn't possible.

johnnystir . said...

I'm not misinformed. I'm giving my opinion.