Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lloyd or Eldridge? Battle for Clerk Remains Interesting Less Than One Week from Slating

I want to preface this blog post by saying that Marion County Democrats have two excellent, intelligent, and strong candidates for Marion County Clerk.

Myla Eldridge and Dr. Frank Lloyd both bring a variety of different experiences to the table.  There is just one thing.  As sometimes happens during a campaign, one candidate has been out campaigning for months for the job and another sweeps in at the end only to take the opportunity away.

Myla Eldridge
Eldridge has been a constant at countywide club meetings.  Eldridge has presented multiple voting presentations to multiple civic and political groups.  She has represented Beth White on more than one occasion.  Most importantly, Eldridge has been Deputy Director of Elections and Director of Elections for the Election Board.  Neither job is easy, but Eldridge has done them.

Frank Lloyd
Dr. Lloyd's family name is well-known in this area for his father was a longtime community leader who was strongly involved in guaranteeing the right to vote for all.  Lloyd also has extensive experience as a surgeon and a hospital administrator.  He has done a good job as Marion County Coroner.

This run, however, is for CLERK, and it's such a critical position.  You see, the Clerk has tons of jobs.  It's almost like anything and everything other county officials didn't want got saddled with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.  Besides court filings, the Marion County Clerk is responsible for things like collecting child support, granting marriage licenses, and much more.  Then, of course, there's the whole elections thing.  The Clerk sits as the Secretary of the Election Board and helps make sure that when you go to the polls on Election Day that there are enough staff, ballots, and machinery to support your franchise.

As far as the campaign goes, and that's key for me.  I know Myla.  I've seen the job she's done, and I know what she can do.  I've seen her competently and faithfully run good elections, and I know she is very good with the public.  Dr. Lloyd I know only as a coroner.  A good coroner, but that's really what I know beyond what I can find on the internet.  In recent days, perhaps to reach those he has yet to reach, Dr. Lloyd has created a YouTube account.  It's a good idea, but I don't know how effective it will be.  The chance to lay the groundwork was there, and he chose not to do so.  His first endorsement video was from Ed Treacy, former Marion County Democratic Party Chairman.

The question is, do you want a coroner or do you want a clerk?  I want a clerk.  That's why, if I had a vote at slating, I'd cast it for Myla Eldridge.

The Republicans, by the way, met on Saturday and slated Christine Bischoff for Marion County Clerk.  She's currently serving on the Franklin Township Advisory Board.

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