Monday, February 24, 2014

In Politics, Be Careful To Whom Your Texts Are Addressed

What are the Republicans hiding?
Other bloggers in town have done a tremendous job with the GOP's apparent attempt to block an investigation into what happened with money and really everything else at Indy's abandoned Regional Operations Center.

While I haven't covered it at all until now, bloggers Paul Ogden and Gary Welsh have been all over the story.

Gary Welsh has been excellent in his coverage.  I don't always say that about Gary, but he is has been a true watchdog here keeping his eye on this one for quite a while. Welsh's coverage has particularly excelled in this post and this post (and many others before).  My friend Paul Ogden has also been on it helping to amplify Gary's concerns as well as staking out new ground on his own.  You can read his posts at

While I'm "Johnny Come Lately" to the story, I'm not going to break any new news.  It appears that at some level there is a cover up going on in the administration if you read the posts and available information on the matter.  Anyone can see from the last two ROC Investigating Committee meetings that Republicans don't want this information out, and they have voted to block any attempts to get out any information that might shed some light on why the city continued spend thousands of dollars with politically-connected figures when it appeared there were serious problems with the ROC.  There appeared to be even more serious problems with the lease which were uncovered by Channel 13 and Welsh.

Councillor Pfisterer
One way or another, the ROC Investigating Committee has been trying to get to the bottom of the situation, and they have been stymied.  Republicans deny purposefully leaving the committee out to dry, but Indy Democrat has obtained a text message intended for another Republican Councillor from a Republican Councillor that was inadvertently sent to a Democrat on the Council.

The text reads, "Subpoena motion died in committee.  Will and Jack were 'on it'!  Next meeting on 3/10."  That text was sent by Councillor Marilyn Pfisterer and was apparently intended for Councillor Aaron Freeman.

Will and Jack are Will Gooden and Jack Sandlin who Paul Ogden notes in his blog post on the most recent meeting of the ROC Investigating Committee had specific complaints about the process that may or may not have held water.

I like Councillor Pfisterer, and I find her to be a good person and an effective City-County Councillor. Her text, however, would seem to at least give some credibility to those that are saying there's some effort to railroad the process of this investigation.  If Will and Jack weren't "on it" would we know more Councillor or what did you mean?

At worst, Indy taxpayers have sunk dollars over dollars into the ROC.  For the Council minority whip to be celebrating shutting down the process of finding out what happened to that those dollars seems a bit unbecoming.

If nothing else, she probably needs to be a bit more careful about who she sends her texts to.

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Unigov said...

IDB - you're too polite! Marilyn Pfisterer needs to resign and move into a nursing home that specializes in dementia. God forbid the public should be able to peek behind the curtain.