Thursday, February 13, 2014

Delph's Bizarre Twitter Rant on Constitution/Religion/Gay Marriage/Etc. Attracts Attention

Mike Delph...up for election in his own weird Twitter world tonight.

End rant.  Later he posted these gems:

And even as I type this, he continues to roll them out.  Local sports announcer Jake Query gave him some really good advice.

To which Delph replied:



jkeaston said...

I am glad Mike is so upset. That indicates the Indiana lawmakers did something right.

Anonymous said...

Delph's rants clearly demonstrate the utter extremity that possesses the minds of the conservatives in the state house. There's so much here; it's difficult to pick a starting point. His misunderstanding of the Founding Fathers, as if they were one unified body in agreement with each other on everything from religion to the role of government is laughable. He makes an incredible leap in logic by stating that the basis of natural law is given to us by the God in the Bible, which again ignores the differing opinions the various authors had on God and religion. I've spent too much time in response to his Twitter ramblings. Anyone who believes that Marbury v. Madison was a bad decision and the basis for all that's wrong with America probably isn't worth debating. It's a shame that he represents our state and I hope the voters will evaluate his remarks in November.

Anonymous said...

Unopposed in the primary and the district doesn't appear to be drawn to give a Democrat much of a chance in November.

Anonymous said...

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