Monday, February 17, 2014

Delph's "Big Announcement" Scheduled for Today

Today, we'll find out what Mike Delph's big announcement is.  Some believe it's going to be him leaving the GOP, and others believe he will try to challenge the current senior leadership for their jobs.  Of the two, I'll take the second option on that one.  With Delph, it might even be something like he's running for Congress.  Who knows?

One way or another, Mike Delph is now the most visible Republican in the Indiana Senate, and I'm not so sure his leaders want it that way.  Senator Delph has found that place that few politicians want to find.  He's gone so far right that those on one side of the aisle have made him into a punchline, and the leaders on his own side of the aisle seem to want him to just shut up and go away.  That's not Mike Delph.

Delph, for me, is one of the most interesting people in the Indiana General Assembly.  Someone who is capable of great kindness in his advocacy for battered women but is so far to the right that the middle ground is even harder to find.  While I can't find much common ground and I find some of his views untenable, he is honest and engaging.  Mike Delph is exactly what he is.  He's the same guy that campaigned for Rick Santorum in 2012.  None of his views should surprise us these days.

While his views shouldn't surprise us, neither should his actions.  It should be interesting to see what he has to say today.

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