Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Council Approves 11th Member for ROC Investigation Committee

Amid the snarkiness and ceremony of last night's City-County Council meetings, something good got done for the taxpayers...in theory.

The Regional Operations Center Investigating Committee got an eleventh member.  

As reported on this blog yesterday, it seems that there might have been some orchestration of a strategy by Republicans to keep the Investigating Committee from getting the documents to do its job effectively.  With an 11th-member of the Committee (presumably a Democrat), ties would not be possible and that would make it easier to get the necessary subpoenas for documents the Committee would like to see.

It's a shame to have to do things this way, but it appears that the Ballard Administration along with the Council minority has no interest in the taxpayers finding out what has happened to the money in this apparent boondoggle of a project that has cost more than it should of when the building has not even been safe to occupy.

I'm sure there's more to come on this story in the coming weeks and months.  


Anonymous said...

John, it may be worth the committees time and effort to investigate the Building Inspection process associated with the center . The Dept of Code Enforcement is in charge of these inspections and has to review plans, issue permits, inspect construction(structural, electrical, plumbing. etc...)There are close ties between the Adminstration and the DCE. Why were these inspections passed? were they passed at all? Was there pressure to pass the inspection in order to open the center in time for the Super Bowl? these inspection records should be public record. Something doesn't jibe here. They could not have passed the required inspoections if all that they say is now wrong with the building was wrong at the time of construction.Other new buildings in the city are not deemed unsafe AFTER city inspection. Why this one?
things that make you say hmmmm?

Louis Mahern said...

Great point.