Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beth White Endorses Myla Eldridge for Marion County Clerk

When Democrats go to their mailboxes, they will find the biggest endorsement of all in this 2014 Marion County Clerk’s race. That endorsement is that of Beth White, the current Marion County Clerk, and she is endorsing Myla Eldridge for Clerk.

White’s letter to PC’s comes in the last few days after Marion County Coroner has trotted out the endorsements of former Marion Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy, former State Representative Bill Crawford, Marion County Auditor Billie Breaux, former City-County Councillor Joanne Sanders, and Marion County Sheriff John Layton. Layton even went so far to invoke Beth White’s name in his endorsement of Lloyd saying that he will carry on the legacy of White the best.

I think White would disagree if you read her letter.  I can't post the whole thing here, but I can tell you that the endorsement of Eldridge by White was complete and talked of Eldridge's service to not only the voters of Marion County but the Democrats as well.  "I encourage you to cast your vote for Myla Eldridge to be our slated candidate for Marion County Clerk.  Here's why.  For seven years, Myla has served our community, its voting citizens, and our Party -- first as Deputy Director of Elections then Director of Elections.  Her tireless work to make sure our elections run smoothly and securely should earn her our undying gratitude."

I couldn't agree more with my friend Beth White.  It’s been quite an odd run for Eldridge. Initially there was some speculation that City-County Councillor Leroy Robinson would enter the race for Clerk. He elected not to run. Lloyd entered the race in November.

Eldridge remains the most qualified candidate in the race for Marion County Clerk.


Anonymous said...

One has to wonder WHY? WHY are these people endorsing Dr. Lloyd? what possible reason could they have? And then again, are they? Obviously the Sheriff is selling his name for unfettered support in his race. But Joanne Sanders? She seems like a reasonable woman. What are Dr Lloyds puppet masters telling or promising or threatening her with? Have you seen the supposed"endorsement " letters Dr. Lloyd has sent out to the PC's ? They list everybody (except Beth White and Terry Curry and mary Moriarty)But after personally speaking with several of these supposed 'endorsers" I found that they had in fact NOT endorsed Dr Lloyd at all! Ask Maggie Lewis. Ask John Barnes. They specifically said NO they did not endorse or allow their names on those letters. Yet Dr lloyd felt it just fine to put them on anyway. But then again it's not Dr Llyod at all is it ? It's The Boys handling this campaign. Whats a little lying right boys? It's teh lack of integrity that is so troubling here. It's ho they run thi scounty party and how they will dettroy the Clerks office if they get ahold of it. And yes, the "boys" have been rather heavy handed in their tactics to disgrace or embarrass Myla Eldridge. Allegding that Myla has been accused of stealing. No basis in fact of course. Just throw it out there. What the hell? It might stick. And by extension they also show their distain and complete lack of respect for Clerk White, who has only done good honorable work in her tenure. She has restored voter confidence in Marion county,she has taken the hit for her parties biased shenanigans and this is the thanks she gets? If we lose this office becuase of this Dr. lloyd fiasco it will ruin every ounce of progress Beth has worked so hard to acheive. If Lloyd wins it will do the same. The good Old Boy networking , the contracts to cronies , the hiring of unqualified people will pollute that office for years. Which will, not incidentally, affect the Sheriff. So again, ask yourself, what do they have on teh Sheriff or these others who clearly must knwo Dr. lloyd is not qualified for this job. hopefully sanity will prevail at slating Saturday. If not, it's gonna be Doris Anne Sadler all over again. Except this time, it's OUR guy!

Paul K. Ogden said...

As Doris Anne Sadler's opponent at the 2002 Clerk slating, I found that a most interesting statement at the end of the above comment. Definitely someone knowledgeable about the political scene. Indeed I was recruited by some Republican house members to run in the 2002 Clerk race after a House campaign I ran in 2000 that was highly praised, albeit ultimately unsuccessful The field cleared leaving me the lone candidate for Clerk. Then a couple months before slating I get a call from a very well-known Republican operative who told me they had decided to back Doris Anne Sadler because I "couldn't be controlled" and was "too independent." My political career up to that time had involved party leaders telling me to wait my turn, let the older, more experienced people to assume positions. But Doris was younger, less experienced, and had only fairly recently become a resident of the state. I'm not even sure she had been active in the party.

And they're right. I couldn't be controlled. I would have doled out the contracts according to merit and what is in the best interest of the taxpayers. I would have told the pay to play crowd which dominates both parties to go fly a kite.