Friday, February 14, 2014

Bardon Would Make Strong Candidate for Mayor in 2015

Bardon in 2010
Jeb Bardon could have made the Primary Election of 2012 very messy.

After the census of 2010, his Indiana House District was swallowed up in redistricting and his home was drawn into the same district as that of his friend, Vanessa Summers.  In deference to his good friend Summers, a more veteran legislator, Bardon stepped aside allowing his family friend a clear and unobstructed  road back to the Democratic nomination.  It's the kind of person that Jeb Bardon is.  He's a class act.

These are the kinds of things you hear again and again about Jeb.  It's the way he conducted himself as a legislator when he was in the House, and it's the way he conducts himself as a father and a small business owner.  It's also something sorely missing from politics at some level today.

I suggested a few weeks ago on my Facebook page that Jeb would be a great candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis because he listens to constituents and likes to work with people to build consensus.  He's a smart guy and has been a success because, in my view, he puts his priorities right in order.

That family man that he is might be what prevents him from taking another job in politics.  I've never had a one-on-one discussion with him about it, but I wouldn't begrudge him if that were the case.  He seems to love his family deeply, and I get that.

As people look at candidates to run for Mayor of Indianapolis, it seems like Bardon makes sense for a lot of reasons.  He provides a smart, pragmatic, and solid foil for Mayor Ballard.  When he wants to be, Bardon can be a big thinker, and he will seek out ideas and thought from not only advisers but constituents, as well.

All of this said, from my converations with Jeb online, I don't think he has any interest in running for Mayor, but I think we'd all be remiss if we didn't recognize him for being an excellent candidate if he did.

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