Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ballard Targets Will & Kate For Cricket Tournament

Just when it seemed like the controversy over the World Sports Park was starting to go away, Greg Ballard opens his mouth and lets the ridiculousness flow.

WISH-TV reports that Mayor Greg Ballard actually made overtures to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge to get them to the opening matches.  Yeah, WISH-TV...not the Onion.  Prince William and Princess Catherine apparently had other things to do because they declined the Mayor's overtures.

Here's the full report from WISH-TV.

So, I guess now we know why the Mayor couldn't be bothered to clear the roads, he's been burning up the phone lines to London!  Homicide problem in the city?  Nope...after the Mayor get this cricket tournament lined up.

Keep trying that cricket thing, Mr. Mayor.  As WISH-TV notes in their report, the United States cricket sanctioning body is on a bit of unstable ground, and some cricket insiders even doubt that the sport can catch on.  Seems silly to dump all this money into something that isn't a sure thing, but that's just me.

My advice to Ballard...don't aim so high.  Maybe Harry is available, and he likes to PARTY!

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