Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Woodmansee Withdraws from Marion Superior Court Race

Attorney Todd Woodmansee has abandoned his bid for Superior Court Judge and has endorsed his prospective slating opponent, Marcel Pratt, according to a post on his Facebook site earlier today.

The move by Woodmansee leaves Pratt, the husband of U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, unopposed at the February 8 Marion County Democratic Party Slating Convention.  Woodmansee had been campaigning for the position for since even before he filed officially in May.

Democrats will see a slating ballot that features most of the incumbents unopposed.  It's unclear at this point what will happen with Judge Kim Brown as she continues to face the possibility of being removed from the bench by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The ballot will look like this for Democrats:
All Unopposed at Slating
Judge Barbara Cook Crawford
Judge Annie Christ Garcia
Judge David Dreyer
Judge Jim Osborn
Angela Dow Davis
Marcel Pratt

Contested Slots
Judge Kim Brown vs. Mark Jones vs. Shatrese Flowers
Karen Celestino-Horseman vs. Christina Klineman

No matter what happens at slating, new candidates can file after the convention or at any time up to the February 7 filing deadline.  The candidates that win in the May Primary, are almost assured election in November.

Demcoratic incumbents Judge Pat McCarty, Judge David Shaheed, and Judge Gerald Zore are all retiring.

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