Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HJR 3 Passes Committee By 9-3 Vote

The Indiana House Committee on Elections and Apportions passed HJR-3 and its accompanying HB1153 out of committee just a few minutes ago by a 9-3 vote.

Three Democrats on the Committee, John Bartlett, Kreg Battles, and Phil GiaQuinta all gave compelling and personal reasons for their no votes after hearing hours of passionate and personal testimony in a 4.5 hour hearing.  The nine Republicans who voted simply recorded their yes votes as if ashamed.

Pretty much everyone was resigned to the fact that the new committee would easily approve the resolution that would essentially ban anything other than man-woman marriage in Indiana after House Speaker Brian Bosma changed the committee assignment on Tuesday.  The change showed that he did not have the votes in the Judiciary Committee to get it passed to the House floor.

Now that it's there, it's unclear if he has the votes to get it passed to the Senate.  However, if his caucus capitulates as quickly as the committee members did, it might just work making Rep. Ed Delaney's ominous prediction on Twitter come true.

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