Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bosma's Desperation Boils Over

Brian Bosma is desperate.

After insisting that the marriage amendment was not on the Republican agenda this legislative session, the Indiana House Speaker clearly considered replacing members of the House Judiciary Committee after it adjourned without taking a vote last week.  Instead, he just removed HJR-3 from the Judiciary Committee and assigned it to the House Elections Committee.

This came after over three hours of testimony both ways on the issue last week.  The opposition largely needed ringers from out of the state to testify on behalf of the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution.  Bosma's shocking move left some longtime Representatives exasperated.

Democrat Ed Delaney took to Twitter.

Delaney told the Indianapolis Star that he believes that HJR-3 will now go to the floor.  Abdul-Hakim Shabazz predicts on his Indy Politics site that the resolution will fail if it goes to the floor.  He says that there aren't enough votes.

I hope he's right.  Still, a desperate Brian Bosma and the power wielded by the Indiana Speaker of the House should concern those advocating the defeat of HJR-3.  It's no time to let up on the pressure.

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