Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ballard Left Little Wiggle Room for Superintendents

Hindsight is always 20/20, but it won't look back favorably on Mayor Greg Ballard's unilarteral decision to shut down the City of Indianapolis today due to a little sunshine and cold temperatures.

As I write this, Indianapolis remains under an orange travel watch for pretty much no reason.  The roads aren't bad, and I had no trouble getting out to dinner and back tonight.

The only roads that are bad are the ones in my neighborhood.  You could skate on them.  They are pure sheets of ice, but that will never change in a city where it takes six inches of snow to plow neighborhood streets.

The forecast was dire, and it did get cold.  It got down to -6 this morning, but the winds that were forecast to push the wind chill into the -40 range never materialized, and, by the time the kids would have been at the bus stop, it was bearable.  It was cold, but it was no colder out there than days before.

Listen, I appreciate the Mayor being out in front of things, but the fact that Indy is still under an orange travel watch and the city government was shut down today is just silly.  There are times that we need these types of actions, but it's clear that a beautiful winter day with a temperature that got up to 12 degrees just wasn't it.  The Mayor should have admitted as much.

When he knee-jerk reacted to shut down city and county government as well as go to orange on the travel status, public schools were almost forced to close for the day necessitating another make-up day for some and another waiver request for others.  This is the last thing a Superintendent wanted, believe me.

Yes, it was cold, but it's winter.  Mayor Ballard messed up on this one.

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guy77money said...

Wow I lived in Milwaukee in the late 60's and school was never called off due to cold or snow. Ya just bundled up and walked 8 blocks to school. The nun that taught me in 2nd grade would never let us stay inside on a cold day at recess time.

Hmmm found out when I was in 7th grade from my mom that nun was an orphan and was taken in by some Catholic nuns in Germany after World War 2. Yup you guessed it she was in a concentration camp and wasn't allowed outside much due to the Nazi's extermination of her friends and parents. Maybe we should toughen up and enjoy the weather! There are much nastier people and things that can kill us!