Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ballard Can Detour Council on Rebuild Indy if Mass Transit Bill Passes

Whenever Mayor Ballard doesn't get what he wants from the City-County Council, it seems that the State Senate has his back.

Democrats shot down Ballard's plan to fix more roads and streets by issuing bonds.  Well, as part of the Central Indiana Mass Transit Bill, the Republican-dominated Senate said that Ballard could move forward with his road and street repairs and that the State of Indiana would issue the bonds rather than the city.  This avoids the need to go back to the Democrats in the City-County Council for approval.

The Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray reports that, according to Chief of Staff Ryan Vaughn, Ballard had not even requested the measure.  This should sound familiar for those of us that remember the Senate Enrolled Act 621 fight from 2013.  Allegedly, Ballard didn't want all the power he was to be given under SEA621, but, of course, he gladly took it.

Advance Indiana's Gary Welsh goes even deeper into this one.

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guy77money said...

The roads are a mess due to the winters storms. Watch for Citizens Energy to ask for a huge rate increase to pay for the new buildings they are building down at the Langsdale facility and the large number of main breaks and sewer backups that have happened due to the rain event in December and the real nasty winter that's not over yet.