Monday, December 2, 2013

World AIDS Day Provides Opportunity to Reflect

The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt on display
at the National Mall
Yesterday was World AIDS day.  It was a day to reflect and remember those that have passed, to raise awareness about the disease and how it continues to spread in areas across the world and a day to hope that some day we will live in a world without HIV and AIDS.

When I was an undergraduate at Indiana University, I attended a viewing of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt held at the Indiana Memorial Union.  The display then was just one small portion of the quilt, but I was shocked by how large it was and how personal each individual panel was.  The love that went in to the tributes I saw made an indelible impression.  For me, it's an experience I'll never forget, and I highly recommend that anyone that gets the opportunity to see the quilt takes it.

HIV remains a killer in this world.  Despite the efforts of governments, scientists, and individuals around the world to end the pandemic of AIDS, statistics from 2009 tell us that 30 million have died.  In 2011, 34 million people around the world had HIV.  Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the developing world have been especially hit hard by the HIV virus.

Strides are being made, and progress is, too. People are learning to live with HIV and medical science is preventing it from developing into full-blown AIDS.  It's amazing to think back to where we were 30 years ago and where we are now when it comes to HIV.  While we've come a long way, there's still a long way to go.

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guy77money said...

Your right thanks to the medical community people with aids are living long normal life's. Magic Johnson is still hanging after contacting it years ago. We have a long way to go but as technology increases it will be easier to map the genes and virus that make up aids. I suspect we will see a cure in the next 10 years!