Saturday, December 28, 2013

In Memoriam: Andrew Jacobs, Jr. (1932-2013)

Congressman Andrew Jacobs, Jr.
Although he tried to convince everyone that he wasn't, he was larger than life.

Former Congressman Andy Jacobs, Jr. passed away today at the age of 81.

Jacobs was elected to Congress in 1964, took office in 1965, and, with the exception of two years, served the City of Indianapolis with distinction until 1997.  His time in office saw the capital of the Hoosier State grow from India-No-Place to the bustling city we know today.

In a place where people can get lost in the office, Jacobs did it his own brilliantly intelligent way.  He was accessible and one of us.  He was a true "people's Congressman" who drew praise from those on both sides of the aisle.

He was a man who never took himself too seriously.  One time, he directed me to introduce him by saying, "He was born.  He has yet to pass."

As a Congressman, Jacobs was hard to affix a label to.  He was a liberal on some topics, but he was actually very conservative on others.  Before it was popular, Jacobs railed against pork spending in Congress, but he was very much a dove when it came to taking the country to war given his experiences as a combat veteran in Korea.  Most of all, Jacobs understood that he was a representative in government and was put there by the people he served.

Jacobs also saw talent in those he hired.  He encouraged Julia Carson to serve greater causes than just his Congressional Office.  At his urging, Carson ran and was elected to the General Assembly. She later replaced him in Congress.  Jacobs also was one of the first to join AndrĂ© Carson's campaign for Congress when Congresswoman Carson passed in 2007.

In his later years, Jacobs became a prolific author writing both fiction and non-fiction books to critical acclaim.  He also taught political science at IUPUI.  Congressman Jacobs was a father and a husband as well.  He leaves behind his wife, Kim Hood Jacobs, and two children.  He was the son of Congressman Andrew Jacobs.

I met him only a few times, but I will always remember the warmth that came from him.  Andrew Jacobs, Jr. was put on this Earth to serve, and he did so with class and excellence.

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Frank Lloyd MD said...

I recently talked to Andy Jacobs Jr about my running for an elected office. His support and enthusiasm for my efforts at public service was encouraging to say the least.