Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Claytor Discusses Commitment to Serve

Mike Claytor
The Democratic candidate for Indiana Auditor of State wants everyone to know that he is in it for the long haul in the wake of the resignation of Auditor Dwayne Sawyer.

Sawyer suddenly and somewhat shockingly announced his resignation last week, effective December 15.  Sawyer's decision to resign creates another opening in the Auditor's Office that Governor Mike Pence will have to fill.

Democratic candidate for Auditor, Mike Claytor, however, is using the opportunity to tell Indiana voters that he won't quit should he be elected Auditor.

Claytor sent an e-mail note, paid for by the Indiana Democratic Party, with the subject line, "I will not quit" to his supporters.  It detailed his commitment to the office and asked for some financial help.

You might have heard that the Indiana State Auditor, Dwayne Sawyer, suddenly resigned last week. This comes four months after Auditor Tim Berry resigned last July. 
Why is this time frame significant? This week is also the two-year anniversary of the state losing $320 million, which was followed by the state losing $206 million more four months later.
Let me state this plainly: in the span of just four months, the Pence administration lost two auditors. In that same amount of time, the Daniels administration lost more than half a billion dollars. 
We need more stability and accountability in Indiana state government. 
I do not think a political appointee should hold the office of your Chief Financial Officer, which is why I need your help spreading the word about why we need a CPA in the Auditor’s office.
I made a commitment to fight every day, week, and month from now through the end of the election (and beyond) to share information about the Auditor’s office and about how your taxpayer dollars are being spent. Now I’m asking for a commitment from you. 
Will you join one of my monthly clubs? I need supporters who will be with me every day, every month, until we take back the Indiana Statehouse in November of 2014. 
The Bean Counters Club – Join the Bean Counters Club for $10 per month and receive a membership card, advance notice of important issues that will be covered in the campaign, an exclusive invitation to a club member function in October 2014, and the benefit of being on a winning team on November 4, 2014. 
The Add Claytor Club – Help us "Add Claytor" to the Indiana Statehouse with a monthly contribution of $25. Receive all of the benefits above, plus a custom calculator so that you can help add balance to every discussion. 
The Balance the Books Club – Join the Balance the Books Club for $50 per month, receive all of the benefits above, plus an invitation to a monthly conference call update where I will personally outline what is going on in the campaign and cover other issues of the day. 
The CFO Club – Join the CFO Club for $100 per month, receive all of the benefits above, plus an invitation for two to a private members reception election night prior to the traditional IDP election night reception. 
Together, we can balance the books and balance the power. 
Mike Claytor

Smart move by Claytor to make sure Indiana voters know his commitment to not only win the election and stay in office but use the office to guard Hoosier taxpayer dollars.  For more information, visit www.claytor4auditor.com/

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