Sunday, December 29, 2013

Carson Pens Heartfelt Statement on Loss of Andy Jacobs

Congressman Jacobs and Congressman Carson
Photo by Wilson Allen
Congressman André Carson called Andy Jacobs his "Obi-Wan Kenobi" more then one time.  Late yesterday, he released this statement about Jacobs' death in tribute to his friend and mentor.
Statement by Congressman André Carson on the Passing of Former Congressman Andrew Jacobs, Jr. 
INDIANAPOLIS, IN — I join countless Americans who today mourn the loss of Congressman Andy Jacobs, Jr. 
Congressman Jacobs was family. He served as an invaluable mentor and dear friend to my grandmother, Julia Carson, who he hired to work in his Indianapolis congressional office in 1965. It was Andy’s faith and encouragement that inspired my grandmother to run for state representative in 1972, and his support of her never wavered. 
At an early age, Andy also took an interest in me as well and imparted wisdom while serving as a role model. He continued as a valued mentor, even long after he left office. With Andy’s passing, our nation lost a man who was resolutely courageous, both in his service as a Marine in Korea, and in public life. 
While people will likely recall that he helped strengthen Social Security and was unrelentingly frugal with taxpayer dollars, his true legacy is that of a man who took the path less traveled, one of principle, no matter what advantages he sacrificed to do so. 
While in Congress, Andy never took a donation from a political action committee, he never attacked an opponent, and he never put his name on his office door in Washington, D.C., explaining that “the seat belonged to the people I serve, not to me.” He was a selfless public servant, who never cared about station or the trappings of office. 
Andy was a man of rapier wit. And though he used it often to hilarious effect in disarming the infrequent angry constituent or political foe, he was he never caustic or maligning. He upheld the dignity of all. This is undoubtedly why he forged enduring friendships with, and held the respect of, many across the aisle. 
For some time now, Andy has penned a weekly “Thought Bite” for Nuvo. On December 18, it read: “If there’s one thing I hate, it’s hate.” I cannot think of a better self-assessment for a man whose heart had unlimited capacity to see the goodness in everyone. 
In sum, Andy was a model of decency, compassion, servant-leadership, thoughtfulness, and civility. I pray that God rests his soul and gives peace and comfort to his wife, Kim, his sons Andy and Steven, and to the countless others for whom Andy is “family.”

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Anonymous said...

Jacobs was a good man and a competent legislator, who must have occasionally suffered from poor judgment as evidenced by his association with Julia and then Andre Carson!