Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog Update: Temporary End to Daily Updates 'Til 2014

For the next couple of weeks, the day job is going to be calling and needing my entire and undivided attention.  The holiday season is after that, so I'm putting the blog on semi-hiatus for the next few weeks.

I'll still be posting, and I'm not going anywhere.  I just cannot commit to daily updates.

Here's a rough schedule:
December 9-December 20-Sporadic updates
December 23-December 27-Breaking news only updates
December 30-January 3-Sporadic updates.
January 6-Daily updates resume.

Thanks for your understanding and readership.


guy77money said...

Like a good teacher Jon is there!(State farm Jingle ;) ) For his students that is! Keep up the good work!

guy77money said...

Hi Jon I know your busy grading papers and being a good teacher but take five minutes out of your day and enjoy a clip and my analysis of why I think west side story is the best musical ever written. I know you like musicals because I enjoyed the little side step video you put up of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - my favorite song from the movie - Still working to get my blog looking more professional - but there is only so much time in life

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog, and enjoy the holidays. We need your information in 2014.73 defFDan

guy77money said...

Hey Jon on Doug Mason's blog they were yacking about teachers here is my take!

As a teacher do you want to grade 100 to 150 papers a day. Most of the schools have cut the assistants so to make them write twice a week would be grading over 300 papers a week. Not sure what you do but Mason is a lawyer. Could you see him going over 50 briefs a week with no assistants! Why can’t he stay late at the office take them home and get them done! His wife and kids would kill him that’s why! Nope he gets paid big bucks and hires his staff to do this. Teachers have to grade papers, attends events (hey why can’t ya come to see my football, basketball, baseball game teacher?) deal with kids life (so does Mason but he can fire someone when they don’t show up for work) and the administrators that want you to teach their way because they know best. Oh on top of that they are being told by everyone that they aren’t doing enough. That will be my next blog post on
and you will never have enough of it. It will be great I will reference songs, books and have some great quotes. Opps have to go XMAS shopping ran out of time! ;)

I know your a good teacher because your working at your job
on your own time! Sure hope the kids and parents tell ya your doing a great job! If not I will!

guy77money said...

GOOD JOB JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!