Thursday, November 7, 2013

Township Trustee Bounced from Office

A Republican Township Trustee in Morgan County has been removed from office after she admitted to stealing $270,000 in taxpayer money.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Sandra Norman, who became Ashland Township Trustee in 2011 after her mother resigned, took the money and then spent it on herself and her friends.  She is supposed to pay back the money she took.  She will be scheduled for sentencing on November 25.

Township government has come under attack for its lack of transparency.  In Marion County, for example, a court battle is waging on because Decatur Township allegedly did not follow the correct procedure in replacing a Township Advisory Board member who passed away.  The Marion County Democratic Party seated a new board member under the existing state law that allows the Marion County Commissioners to fill open positions if the parties do not, but the Republicans claimed they had filled the opening.

I'm not equating the two cases at all, but it does underscore the need for constituents to stay vigilant even at the most often-ignored layers of government.

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