Monday, November 18, 2013

November Severe Weather Outbreak Drops Tornadoes Across Indiana

I caught this double rainbow as the
storms moved out.
Except for some strong winds, a few trees, and a unfortunate building collapse, Indianapolis was pretty much spared nature's fury in yesterday's tornado outbreak.

Much of Indiana was not, and the pictures are hard to look at.

The forecast that the meteorologists told us about pretty much came true, and it appears that several tornadoes touched down north and south of the circle city.  Some of my friends even felt nature's wrath experiencing damage and destruction to their homes.

I want to send my best wishes to all of those that were adversely affected by the tornadoes on Sunday.  I wish you the best as you try to put back together the things that were destroyed.

It's also important to express appreciation to the unsung heroes that work at the National Weather Service and the National Severe Storms Prediction Center.  Also to the other weather forecasters out there in the media and online who worked so hard to warn Hoosiers and keep them safe.  It was quite a day of weather.

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