Friday, November 8, 2013

Lloyd Enters Race for Clerk

Marion County Coroner
Dr. Frank Lloyd, Jr.
Your Marion County Coroner wants to be your Marion County Clerk when Beth White moves to the Statehouse as Secretary of State in 2015.

Marion County Coroner, Dr. Frank Lloyd, announced on Wednesday that he would be pursuing election as Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court in 2014. Dr. Lloyd was first elected to his current office in 2008. He was reelected just last year. He has largely been absent from the political scene and associated events for that time.

That figures to change. Lloyd, who served as President of the of the Center for Surgical Science and Trauma at Methodist Hospital for seven years, will now have to campaign hard for the Clerk's position. He's actually starting his run long after an established candidate, Myla Eldridge, has been in the race. Eldridge is the former Director of Elections for the Marion County Election Board and has also served in other positions for the Election Board and in the Clerk's Office.

Constituents have also become used to a visible and active Clerk of the Circuit Court. White has raised the visibility of the office greatly. Her hard work has been noticed by individuals of all political parties and persuasions. Lloyd or Eldridge will both be judged upon the work White has done as Marion County Clerk.

I honestly don't know how to handicap this race right now. Lloyd's entry to the race would normally be a pretty big wild card, but he is the son of a well-known Indy civil rights and civic leader, Dr. Frank Lloyd, Sr. Lloyd, Jr. seems to be acknowledging his father's legacy in his campaign announcement. Dr. Lloyd said, "I have spent most of my career practicing medicine here in Indianapolis, the last 6 years has given me the rewarding opportunity to serve the public. I look forward to continuing that service particularly as we are witnessing roadblocks to our most precious right, the right to vote. My family has a very proud heritage in this community in guaranteeing equal rights for all."

Eldridge has already been out and about speaking to organizations, political and otherwise, in her professional capacity as well as in the role of a candidate for office.

I look for the Marion County Democratic Party to stay out of this one and let it play out from here.  The rest of the county ticket is taking shape.  Julie Voorhies will run for Auditor.  Kate Sweeney Bell is running for Recorder.  John Layton will seek reelection as Sheriff as will Assessor Joe O'Connor and Prosecutor Terry Curry.  Mark Brown, a past candidate for Sheriff, also announced he will be running again in the 2014 primary against Layton.


Paul K. Ogden said...

How is the Marion County Democratic Party going to stay out of it when they have slating?

johnnystir . said...

The new policy seems to let things shake out at slating or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Ego and self-importance are most likely factors in Lloyd's decision to run. When we have a well-qualified person with experience already running, it's guys like him that makes us waste money on elections that should be focused elsewhere. Although Beth White got off to an initial rocky start, she had done a fabulous job and her staff have learned greatly from previous mistakes. Lloyd with absolutely no experience would take us years backwards. We don't need self-absorbed bulbs like Lloyd!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Myla has the experience. When does a licensed doctor run for elected office of Clerk? Is there something missing here?

Myla has been prepared for this, and I hope she wins at slating. If she doesn't, it will send a sad message to precinct committeemen. I'm not sure what the party's take is on this