Friday, November 1, 2013

Fail Fail Old Purdue

Purdue President
Mitch Daniels
On Tuesday, Purdue University opted out of the fight to stop House Joint Resolution 6.

The university said that it would stay out of the matter citing its long history of steering clear of political issues. Indiana University announced on Monday that it supported efforts to stop HJR-6.

While it's just another reason to prefer IU over Purdue, it's a shame that Purdue's own leader doesn't shy away from politics.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels apologized last month after accepting compensation to speak to a conservative group in Minnesota.  Daniels claims his comments were non-partisan in nature, but it really makes Purdue seem a bit hypocritical.

While HJR-6 is indeed playing out in a political manner, its wide-ranging effects on people, including those employees and students of Purdue University who are in same-sex relationships or other relationships similar to that of marriage are anything but political.  They are real, and Purdue is missing an opportunity to do so much good for those individuals who could use its advocacy.  Instead of beating the World's Largest Drum against inequality, Purdue has decided to sit quietly on the sidelines.

At least those downstate get it.  That's another reason why I'm glad my diploma came from Bloomington and not West Lafayette.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, does this mean the IU Police won't enforce the state's felony bigamy law if IU supports marriage equality?

johnnystir . said...

Great comment. Thanks for putting your name to it so we could connect the idiotic nature of the post with who posted it.