Tuesday, November 12, 2013

City-County Council Passes Resolution Urging Defeat of HJR-6 by Indiana General Assembly

The City-County Council passed a resolution urging the Indiana General Assembly to defeat House Joint Resolution 6, 22-6 at last night's City-County Council meeting.

All the Democrats and the majority of the Republican caucus backed the resolution.  Only six Republicans voted against the resolution.  Ginny Cain, Aaron Freeman, Jason Holliday, Marilyn Pfisterer, Jack Sandlin, and Christine Scales were the no votes.  Mayor Ballard has already said he is backing the fight against House Joint Resolution 6.

I'm not going to beat up the six people that voted against the resolution.  I know Marilyn Pfisterer and Jason Holliday personally.  Holliday is my Councillor.  I also know...at least through e-mail and social media...Christine Scales.  I'm sure that Aaron Freeman and Jack Sandlin also had their reasons for voting against the resolution, and Ginny Cain's position should surprise no one.

Still, it's amazing how fast things turn around in this political world we all enjoy.  Just a few years ago, Indy could barely pass a human rights ordinance even with a Democratic majority.  It pretty much cost Republican Scott Keller his place on the Council because he crossed the partisan divide and voted with the Democrats providing the one vote margin of victory for the human rights ordinance.

Monday, a majority of the Republican caucus and all the Democrats said that they agreed that HJR-6 is bad for Indiana.  We've come a long way!

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