Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Legendary Indianapolis Reporters Retire Leaving Gaping Holes to Fill

The Indianapolis Star's Mary Beth Schneider retired last week, and WRTV's Norman Cox will retire this week.  With them, about 71 years of covering government will go by the way and replacing that experience and the quality of their reporting will be impossible.

Mary Beth Schneider
She pretty much calls herself a Twitter addict, so Mary Beth Schneider tweeted out her goodbyes last week.  I'll let her write her own story.


Norman Cox
After nearly 37 years, WRTV Channel 6's Norman Cox will retire on Friday from his longtime position as Statehouse reporter. 

According to his official bio on WRTV's website, Cox started at channel six in December of 1976.  It was a newsroom that was vastly different than the social media-dominated newsroom we know today.  Cox told WIBC's Terry Stacy on her First Day program that when he first arrived they were shooting stories on film.  Today, there's no physical film or tape in news cameras.  They shoot everything on memory cards these days.

In a larger sense, as the newsroom has changed, Cox has stayed the same.  That's ok.  His solid style and fair reporting of the issues has never become old or tired.  He told Stacy that he loves politics, and it shows. 

So, for all their work, hats off to Mary Beth Schneider and to Norman Cox.  Two great reporters in every sense of the word.  I wish them the best in retirement!

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guy77money said...

I doubt if either of them retire completely. When you have news reporting in your blood you usually find another (less stressful) outlet to continue speaking out. Hoping we hear from both of them in another media medium.