Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rokita's Pro-Default Votes More Insidious Than ACA

Rep. Todd Rokita
Todd Rokita is back at it.

Last night on his Facebook page, Todd Rokita posted this article by the Cato Institute's Daniel J. Mitchell which was crossposted on the apparently conservative right website, The Commentator.  Rokita (or his staff) added as a part of the update, "One of the reasons ObamaCare is #insidious."

The headline of the article reads, "The perverse economics of Obamacare: Earn less, get more," and blog post really doesn't disappoint extolling the benefits of earning less money to get more from the government.  It's stunning work.

With no disrespect, using The Commentator as a source is like someone using my blog as a source for anything.  I'm not a primary source.  While I do journalism here, many times, I push an agenda.  That's the nature of opinion writing and commentating.  I'm just honest about it.  Others aren't.  My opinion is from the left of center, and it colors my view of the world.  Take it or leave it. That's who I am, and it's what I write.

Second of all, if you look up the word insidious in the dictionary, it will tell you that it means something that was intended to trap people somehow.  Insidious is something that will spread and be harmful.  I still fail to see how the Affordable Care Act, most of which hasn't even rolled out yet, will be insidious.  Maybe Congressman Rokita just learned a new word and thinks he needs to use it.  Words are important.  Calling a law insidious is quite a commentary.

What's insidious is the view Congressman Rokita has of the American people who keep him in Congress.  Rokita, like the blogger he uses as source material, believes that Americans are apparently a country of takers.  That we will sit back and say gimme gimme gimme.  That's a sad and cynical view of Americans and America.  It's also nothing new from Rokita.

Perhaps I've misjudged the Congressman.  He probably knows what insidious means.  After all, Todd Rokita has proven with his votes that he's more than willing to tank the economy and allow our country to default by opposing the increase of the debt ceiling.  With all due respect, these actions are far more insidious to our country than any government program that has yet to roll out.

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