Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ritz Forecasts Rough Road Ahead at Statehouse

Glenda Ritz sees bad things coming.The Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction told WTHR that she believes that state government will continue to try to undermine her authority as schools chief.

Governor Mike Pence in August created an entirely new state agency that some have described as a shadow Department of Education.  Ritz's recent battles with the GOP nominees to the State Board of Education have been extremely public.

Need teachers and their supporters remind Governor Pence what happened in 2012?  Glenda Ritz, with little campaign cash and name recognition, somehow took down the well-financed and heavily-favored Tony Bennett.  In the process, she got more votes than Governor Pence did in his race against John Gregg and Rupert Boneham.

I guess that whole election was way too long ago for them to actually remember.  I guarantee that Ritz's supporters haven't forgotten and are ready to send more government officials packing, if necessary.


guy77money said...

Pence has disappointed me. He has changed for the worse since he was a radio host. I wonder did Washington ruin him? Why do we need more people on the government payroll.

Anonymous said...

Pence can be defeated in 2016. Democrates need 2 things: 1. A good candidate that connects with the people. 2. Make the campaign about education, specifically the lack of funding that has occurred in end of the Daniels administration and now the start of the Pence administration.