Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Polling Shows Dems Competitive in 2014 Race for U.S. House Control

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Public Policy Polling says the GOP might be in trouble in 2014 and that might lead to Republicans' worst nightmare: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Huffington Post reported yesterday on PPP's poll that states that Democrats have a chance at regaining the U.S. House, and that can't be good news for John Boehner and his caucus in the House.

Listen, it's way too far out to give any solid predictions about what might happen in 2014, but it's clear that this whole government shutdown mess is going to take a lot of damage control by the Republicans after this is over.

At this point, President Barack Obama is only battling what history will say about his presidency.  He doesn't have to run for anything anymore.  The Republicans, however, have many things to worry about in 2014.  Holding the House is paramount to avoid a lame duck President with a Democratically-controlled House and Senate.

The wind is blowing at the backs of the Democrats at the moment, but it's important to point out that there is no joy in this.  Everyone in Washington bears some responsibility for what happens, and, in this 24 hour news cycle dominated by social media, the wind is just one instant away from turning back against you.

Still, Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have a good ring to it again.  At least I think so.

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, I believe I remember hearing she stated she was not interested in being Speaker again, if Democrats regained control of the house.