Monday, October 14, 2013

Markle Might Be Republican to Watch for Future Despite Long Odds Against Summers

Andy Markle
As Republicans go, Andy Markle already appears to be a different kind of Republican.

Markle is openly gay, pro-choice, against HJR-6, and is not afraid to take on the establishment.  You may remember Markle was among those behind Pencership when Mike Pence and his staff attempted to censor the Governor's official social media pages.  It was Markle and friends that cataloged it all on the website,

In 2014, Markle will take his social media skills and marketing expertise and apply them to a run for State Representative.  He will need all his skills because the road ahead appears to be a steep uphill climb.  His run in District 99 will put him up against one of the most powerful Democrats in the Indiana House, Vanessa Summers.

Rep. Vanessa Summers
Back in 1991, Summers replaced her father in the House.  Since then, she's made a name for herself as a vocal advocate for her constituents.  This past session, Summers was among the loudest voices in opposition
to what would become Senate Enrolled Act 621, the Greg Ballard Power Grab.  She has a strong reputation for knowing her constituents and being a very responsive member of the Indiana House.  She has also worked her way into a leadership position as the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.  She is tough, and, in elections, she is very tough to beat.

Back in 2012, Summers was reelected by a wide margin taking in 83 percent of the vote.  Her Republican opponent, David Blank, only mustered 17 percent.  In 2010, a bad year for Democrats, Summers still received over 67 percent in her old district.  She's been reelected by wide margins in every election.  A funeral director by trade, she has definitely laid to rest her opposition's campaigns with ease for years.

It's hard to fight the numbers and a great incumbent, and I'm sure Markle knows that.  Heck, with other Republicans out there that still may enter the race against Summers, we don't even know if Markle will directly face Summers in 2014. Still, it's hard not to recognize Markle's efforts as a pro-gay, pro-womens' reproductive rights, pro-bi-partisanship Republican.  He, like other moderate Republicans, are the future of the GOP.  They just have to get people to pay attention.

I'd rate Vanessa Summers seat as safe, no matter the opponent, because she has served House District 99 with distinction and deserves to continue in that role.  Given his interesting biography and stances on issues, I'm also going to put Andy Markle in the back of my head as a Republican to watch for the future.


Paul K. Ogden said...

He is "pro women's reproductive rights?" Who is "anti women's reproductive rights?" Sorry...I've never been wild about that highly unfair characterization of what the abortion issue is about.

He's an interesting candidate. But that district is so overwhelmingly Democrat that it won't matter who the Republicans put up. It's probably an 85-15 Democratic district. (The district was redrawn in 2011, so 2012 was the first year with the new district.) You just can't move the numbers that much. Even if the Republican had a million dollars to put into advertising in the district, and the Democrat was completely worthless, it's still going to go the Democrat.

Greg Purvis said...

I like Andrew, and have worked with him on the Pencership Facebook page. I admire his values, his courage, his willingness to speak to power without fear, and in this case, his willingness to tilt at windmills, something I too know something about.

guy77money said...

Sounds like two great people! Paul's correct he don't stand a chance in that race.