Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gregg Takes Mustache Back to Sandborn, Shaves Off Possibility of 2016 Run

Many of you have already heard this news, but John Gregg will not run for Governor in 2016.  The former Indiana House Speaker announced his decision this morning on his Facebook page.

I think it's pretty typical John Gregg--honest and open.

As many of you know, since the election I have not stopped working. While my primary focus has been on my family, law practice and some exciting business opportunities (stay tuned), I have spent countless evening hours and weekends on the campaign trail.

I have attended more than three dozen Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners and thirty labor meetings, thanking all for their hard work and support during the 2012 election, while asking for their continued support going forward. I have met with scores of Democratic Party leaders, elected officials and everyday citizens around the state, kept the phone lines humming and had more than my fair share of Hoosier cuisine. My intent had been to be our Party’s candidate for the office of Governor in 2016. After all, we ran the closest governor’s election in over fifty years, coming within two and a half percent, while being outspent two-and-a-half times. I believe that we would be victorious in 2016. 
However, as I have been reminded many times over the years, sometimes life events curb one’s focus. I have always been about more than ‘politics’ and over ten years ago I stepped back from the political world and its demands to focus on my family.

It was a great choice – and one I am making again today.

Despite the overwhelming support and encouragement to make another run, I am announcing that, at this time, I am no longer actively seeking the Indiana Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor in 2016.

And while, I may not be a candidate I plan to stay involved. I still care deeply about the issues we talked about in 2012: Jobs that pay a living wage; working to develop our potential as a state with job growth in advanced manufacturing, medical devices, life sciences, energy and agriculture; and taking politics out of our public education system.

However, I as I have known for years and was reminded of that daily during the last campaign, you can affect change without being on a ballot or holding public office. In 2012 I met so many people who made a difference every day who were not officeholders. I intend join their ranks and, as I have for the last thirty years, continue to work to make Indiana a place that we’re proud to call home.

I hope you accept my decision and will support it. As you know, faith is very important to me and I am confident in knowing that whereas I may not know what the future holds for me, I know ‘Who’ holds the future. 
Thank you again for everything you have done for me and my family.

John Gregg
Sandborn, Indiana
Gregg nearly toppled the well-financed and heavily-favored Mike Pence in 2012.  He closed the gap from nearly a 20-point deficit in the polls at one point to just three percentage points on Election Day.  In the three-way race, Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham kept Pence from receiving a majority of the votes.

I briefly exchanged text messages with Gregg this morning, and I won't tell you what he said exactly.  I just know that he seems content.  John Gregg is a good and decent man, and I'm glad that he is staying in the game in some manner.  His voice is needed.

This clears the board for 2016.  What will happen now is anyone's guess.  I'll mull it over tonight and have my opinion here on the blog tomorrow.

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JGT said...

Ellsworth? He got trounced by Coats, but he really started the race too late and 2010 was just a rough year for Democrats.

He has had some time off and I don't think he is ready to give up politics and it was rumored that this was something he was considering in 2012.