Thursday, October 17, 2013

Government Shutdown Ends; Booker Elected

Well, the government shutdown is history...for now.  The can has been kicked, and the Republicans have been exposed.

In the end, they, as many people have pointed out, got exactly nothing.  There was no real change to the Affordable Care Act, and the country's debt ceiling got raised.  The government also reopened.

That means that for all the huffing and puffing and all the terrible side effects of the government closing, nothing changed.  We are almost in the same position we were when the whole thing happened...with a higher debt ceiling.

So, I can't analyze this.  It was stupid, unnecessary, and everyone behind it should apologize to the American people.  Hopefully, the bums that brought this upon America will be going home in January of 2015.

With gerrymandering, I have my doubts.
In other news, Cory Booker won the special election to the U.S. Senate in New Jersey.

The election polls showed the gap more narrow as voters began to tune in to the race, but Booker won by a wide enough margin to take the seat easily.  Booker's opponent, Steve Lonegan, had been backed by Tea Party warriors like Sarah Palin and Rand Paul.

It will be interesting to see how Booker does in Washington, D.C.  The Senator-Elect was, of course, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and has had a national profile for many years now.  I'm interested to see how he continues to interact with his constituents.  If he runs his Senate office in the same manner that he has run the Mayor's Office in Newark, it should be a change for the sometimes stuffy Senate.


Gene Debs said...

I'm reminded of the story about a conversation between two founding fathers regarding the benefits of a bicameral legislature; not sure, but I think it was between Jefferson and Madison.

One of the fathers explained to the other that the Senate was created to cool off any hot legislation coming from the House. He poured some hot tea from a cup into a saucer to illustrate his point; noting that the Senate is a metaphorical "cooling" saucer.

Because the Senate leadership negotiated resolution of this crisis, it's apt to note that some boiling hot Tea Party ideas were indeed poured into the "cooling" saucer.

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It is good to know that such a devastating shutdown has finally ended.