Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Council, Mayor Reach Budget Deal

And we have a deal!

The City-County Council reached a budget deal with Mayor Greg Ballard that does lots of things, but it mostly shows that Democrats and Republicans CAN work together and put partisan issues aside for the greater good.

Councillor Zach Adamson appeared exclusively on the JohnnyStir Show last night on IndianaTalks.com and said that both sides came out the "best they possibly could come out" given the budget situation and the needs of the city.  Adamson expressed concern over the CIB budget that he voted against and the "continuing subsidies" going to the Pacers and the Colts while the city is not addressing other needs.

All parties, however, should be credited for doing what our federal government cannot do, and that's agree to negotiate both ways.  Both sides had to give to get something done, and it's not like we were negotiating over the non-negotiable.  That's the problem in D.C.  Republicans want to negotiate a duly passed law that was signed by the President and adjudicated by the Supreme Court.  There's no starting point for negotiation there. When I negotiated the price of my house, I paid more than I wanted, but the previous homeowners took less than they wanted.

Indy can show those D.C. folks a thing or two.  Sincere congratulations to Council President Maggie Lewis, Council Minority Leader Michael McQuillen, and to Mayor Ballard for making our local government look ten times better than the federal government right now.

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