Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bates Taking Early Steps to Build Campaign for Treasurer

Don Bates, Jr.
Looks like the race for Indiana Treasurer of State might be contested on the Republican side.

Financial Advisor Don Bates, Jr. of Richmond is beginning to take preliminary steps to enter the race for Treasurer of State, according to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Indy Politics website.  Bates was a past unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010 and U.S. Congress in 2012.  In 2014, looks like he wants to try to be Treasurer.

I'd say it figures to be an uphill climb for Bates.  Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold has already been in the race and has been picking up the endorsements of county chairs.  Seybold recently came up with the endorsement of Marion County Republican Chair Kyle Walker.

Republican insiders tell me that Bates is loading up on the same folks that ran Richard Mourdock's wreck of a Senate campaign in 2012.  I have also heard concerns that Bates' far right views could be something that hurt him in a general election race.  Mourdock, of course, is forbidden from running for another term by the Indiana Constitution.

As with the races for Auditor of State and Secretary of State, the nominee for Indiana Treasurer will be picked at the Republican State Convention in beautiful Fort Wayne during the summer of 2014.

No Democrats have thrown their hats in the ring just yet for the Treasurer's job.  South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was the 2010 Democratic nominee.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Bates the guy that said that Aids was Gods way of punishing the Gays?

He is also Tom Roses BFF, so there ya go