Friday, September 20, 2013

Tully's Latest Pro-Ballard Piece Leaves Out Truth

Matt Tully is a great writer, and I enjoy his columns even when I disagree with him.

Matt Tully
In yesterday's Indianapolis Star, Tully wrote a complimentary piece on Mayor Greg Ballard that dogged out Democrats on the City-County Council for essentially standing up in opposition to several planks of the Ballard Administration's plan for Indianapolis.  

There's no question; his piece yesterday seemed to land some reasonable rhetorical punches on the Democratic opposition, but he left out some very key points critical to the general public's understanding of the issues.  Perhaps Mayor Ballard's Agenda isn't necessarily all it's described to be by Tully.

When you write opinion pieces, it's sometimes convenient to leave out facts that don't necessarily help your case.  It's part of the way you make a compelling argument.  That's the way lawyers win cases, and there's no question that writers will do the same.  Heck, I've probably even done it here a few times.    

In his column, Tully completely ignores that Democrats aren't the only ones pushing back against the Ballard Agenda.  In fact, Mayor Ballard has seen enough opposition from his own caucus to warrant the removal of one of its members.  That's why some say City-County Councillor Christine Scales is no longer welcome in caucus meetings.  She was just too independent.  That's not playing politics?

Tully fails to also call the Mayor to task on the number of times he's played politics with his veto pen on good public policy passed by Democrats.  In the same piece where he praises Ballard, he criticizes him for his cricket debacle.  If memory serves me, Democrats attempted to take that world sports park money and spend it on hiring police officers.  They get no credit for that attempt.

The columnist also greatly overstates the awesomeness of Ballard's ideas.  According to Tully, it's apparently ok to take millions away from the township schools with the killing of the homestead tax credit.  He also believes that it's perfectly fine to give this Mayor more money to spend on infrastructure repairs and projects that will be needing improvement before the bonds that made the repairs and projects possible are paid off.  

Ignored in the column altogether is Ballard's advocacy of Senate Bill 621.  Tully railed loudly against that bill in the pages of the Indianapolis Star.  All must be forgotten in that regard.

I don't need to tell Matt Tully how to write a column.  He's an award-winning writer, but it would have been nice had he at least addressed these arguments while making his pro-Ballard rah rah pep rally speech. 

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