Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Source Says Mayor May Have Attempted to Bully City-County Councillor at Hob Knob

An allegedly visibly angry Mayor Greg Ballard apparently
got into some sort of verbal altercation with City-County Councillor Zach Adamson at the recent Hob Knob event sponsored by the Indy Chamber.

An anonymous source tells Indy Democrat that Adamson approached the Mayor to thank him for his open and public support of shooting down House Joint Resolution 6.  Mayor Ballard allegedly brushed aside Adamson's thank you to begin to verbally lay into the Councillor on another issue.

What had Ballard's goat on this night was the City-County Council's killing of Ballard's infrastructure plan that would have floated bonds to pay for more road and street repairs.

Several City-County Councillors, including Adamson, expressed reservation over this plan in that future generations will be paying back loans for repairs that won't last the entire term of the loan.  When Adamson shared his concerns at the Hob Knob event with Ballard after the Mayor began his tirade, the source tells me Ballard told Adamson, "That's Bull! You just don't want me to get re-elected. that's it. We're going to murder you guys on this. "

The source tells me that Ballard told Adamson again, "We're going to murder you guys on this.  You're dead,"  allegedly saying those words more than once while pointing his finger at Adamson and at times shaking his hands and gesturing wildly.  Ballard, of course, is a former Marine as he likes to tell everyone.  It's safe to say he got the full Marine training.  That might make him a pretty intimidating person to deal with.

Adamson told Ballard that he simply came over to thank him for his support of nixing HJR-6 and not to get into a "political fist fight."  My source says Ballard told Adamson, "Then do the right thing and pass this."

The source says that several people at the Hob Nob including members of the City-County Council witnessed the pretty-much one sided verbal joust in utter shock.  Several others standing around were beginning to stare when a Republican City-County Councillor swooped in and came between Adamson and Ballard before walking away with a stunned Adamson.

Lessons?  I guess maybe Mayor Ballard is running for reelection.  Also, if everything that is being said is true, Ballard's not really happy about not getting his way on everything any more.  This could, of course, be why the Republicans kicked Christine Scales out of their caucus in a cowardly and shameful fashion on Monday night.

Why would the Mayor act this way?  Ballard did go in for minor knee surgery on Friday.  Maybe his anxiety boiled over?  There is one thing the Mayor needs to realize.  He will have to live with this Democratic Council for the remainder of his term in office, and he's done little to move the dial with Democrats on the Council in his direction.

In a city and county trending more and more blue, he needs the Council worse than they need the Mayor.  They are accountable to only their constituents.  The Mayor might be well to remember that.


Joe S said...

This, combined with his childish rant in the IndyStar Twitter interview, tell me that the Mayor is off his rocker.

Anonymous said...

Please do not inadvertently disparage to U.S. Marine Corp based on Ballard's behavior. He is not indictive of the Corp nor other military branches. Honor and respect are important in the military. Ballard continues to fail to show either. His idiot behavior and actions has nothing to do with military training.

Ballard has shown repeatedly he is thin-skinned and vindictive. He lacks communication and leadership skills. He is more interested in the pomp and circumstance of his own self than the citizens of our community, ie cricket field. He is too busy puffing his chest out travelling outside the country rather than addressing our city's needs. (Say MIA, Missing in Action!!) On top of that he increased his budget for security detail on these out-of-country trips when no one out side of the US gives a damn who he is.

Ballard is trully out of touch with the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Wow, poor Puppet Ballard, where are his puppet masters when he needs them? I bet his puppeteers are ever so grateful that main stream media did not record his rant. But why didn't they.

Anonymous said...

And why does this recent behavior by Ballard surprise anyone? He has been acting this way his entire term as Mayor. The newspaper never calls him out for his behavior so why should expect him to be anything other than impertinent? Yes, he is a poor representiative of the Marine Corp. One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch...

Anonymous said...

His "Aw Shucks" veneer has peeled away, and more and more people are finally seeing his true nasty self. Plus many are now seeing just how ignorant he is.

Had Enough of Bumbling Ballard!!

Jon Easter said...

Note: I deleted a comment (and a response to that comment) that had nothing to do with this particular blog post.

Jon Easter said...

Further unrelated comments about other individuals not connected to this particular blog post will cause me to disable the comments to this blog. Thank you for your understanding and readership.