Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

It’s 9/11.

It’s another year since America changed.

Twelve years ago, hijacked planes were deliberately crashed into buildings by extremists in New York City and Washington, and it’s believed the passengers of a third plane prevented more carnage by forcing a plane into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

It was one of those “remember where you were when…” moments.

With the busy world we live in, it’s getting more and more distant of a memory, and a new generation is rising for which most of them the memories of 9/11 will be what’s read in textbooks and seen in retrospective news reports.

It’s an awful memory for me that I’d love to forget. I didn’t personally lose anyone that I knew in the 9/11 attacks, but I have friends that had friends that were counted among the 2,977 innocent people that died that day.

As we look back on that terrible scar on our American history, we must continue to tell the tale so that those who have no concept will remember it. As always, 9/11 is a day to remember so that we NEVER forget.

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