Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maybe Ballard Should Just Live Within His Means

Mayor Greg Ballard
This is twice in one week that I've mentioned Abdul-Hakim Shabazz on this blog, but you know he loves the smell of his own cigars.  He'll enjoy it.

Abdul penned a column for Nuvo that essentially said that since the City-County Council won't give Indy Mayor Greg Ballard more money for his infrastructure projects that he should take that money from infrastructure projects in the districts of Democrats that opposed him.  He calls it the "nuclear option" in his column that you can read here.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz
You know, this kind of reminds me of a time when the Mayor cut the Sheriff's budget, increased the Sheriff's health care costs, and then watched him run out of money.  When Sheriff Layton came back to ask for more money, he was told no.  Layton didn't cry to the media or dress down a City-County Councillor.  Instead, Abdul and those on the right raked Layton across the coals.  They called his spending out of control and told him to live within his means.

Mayor Greg Ballard has done anything but live within his means.  He blew through the Rebuild Indy money with things like gaelic football, cricket, and hurling fields.  When the City-County Council defeated his plan to spend $150 million more in long term bonds for short term infrastructure repairs, the Mayor didn't like it so much.

Abdul and Mayor Ballard seem to forget that City-County government (for now) has more than one branch in it.  I'm sure that Ballard's folks are trying to find a way to power grab more for themselves in the upcoming General Assembly session, but, for now, the Mayor will just have to put up with the Council, use that nuclear option to his peril, or learn to live within his means.

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Gene Debs said...

I wonder what your friend thinks of the East Chicago "sidewalks for votes" scandal. That is essentially what he is advocating. But, hey, it's okay when rebooblicans do it.