Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Super Bowl Bidding Best Use of City Thinkers Brainpower?

Last Friday, Mayor Greg Ballard announced that Indianapolis would be placing a bid for the 2018 Super Bowl on the heels of our successful and game-changing hosting job in 2012.

Let's dispense with this right away.  If Indianapolis does win its bid for 2018, the city will put on one of the best Super Bowls in history.  This is the standard of our city.  We pull together and do the best job possible from volunteers to actually carrying out the event.  Indianapolis knows how to party.

While I think it would be great for our city to host another one, I wonder if we're ready to host another Super Bowl?  I mean, we have a great deal of problems in this city, and I just don't know if we are ready to do it again.

To me, I'd rather see the powers that be put their heads together and try to find some solutions to the city's growing list of issues before we attempt to lure the NFL back for a second time.  We do have a tremendous amount of unsolved problems from public safety to the budget deficit.

When Mayor Ballard is ready to raise our property taxes and pull money from our schools, it makes you wonder if the city's top-thinkers can be used to put a bid on our own problems.  What if we put the acumen this city shows when hosting sporting events to the other problems we have?  Am I thinking crazy thoughts here?

Probably.  It just would be nice for us to put together these kinds of task forces to try to do something real and substantive and lasting for Indianapolis.  Heck, I'll even offer my services.  I don't know what I can add, but you have to be willing to ride a horse to join the rodeo.

We lost money hosting the Super Bowl, but I do believe it was a great moment for the City of Indianapolis.  It will be a great moment again if we are awarded the 2018 game, but we could solve so many problems if we just look within.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think hosting the Superbowl is ever a good thing for the city who does it. The cost it takes to get it is more than any "profit" which is taken in. And, we should remember from the last time, when the game is in town, people from out of town are sent in to wait, get the tips, and the real workers from the host city are treated poorly. The city is used, the city pays the expenses, and the sports teams makes the money.