Friday, September 27, 2013

Indy Shows Outpouring of Support for Fallen Hero

Officer Rod Bradway was honored yesterday, and Indianapolis responded.

By the thousands, Hoosiers, public safety officials, and colleagues of Bradway's from all over the United States gathered and honored a man who deserved every honor.

Indianapolis again showed its heart.  If Officer Bradway could see his own funeral procession, he saw a city that was full of love, honor, and respect for a fallen hero.  Citizens of the city lined the streets and gave him a send off fitting of his sacrifice.

Governor Mike Pence said it best, "Words fail when heroes fall."

They do.

This city always rises up and shows its best when the worst happens.  Indianapolis showed up for one the best we had to offer yesterday.  

Officer Rod Bradway is now 10-42.  As the end of duty call said, "He has gone home for the final time."

He rests in peace.

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