Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Break From Politics Apparently Short-Lived for Well-Known Libertarian

It appears Indiana Congressional District 8 has a Libertarian candidate for 2014.

With a simple announcement looking for campaign volunteers on his Facebook page, Andrew Horning is apparently throwing his well-weathered hat into the ring in CD8 which is currently represented by Republican Larry Bucshon.  

Horning has run for Congress before, as a Republican, in the 7th Congressional District against Democrat Julia Carson.  Back as a Libertarian, he ran for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Richard Lugar, and he did quite well in the race taking 5.7 percent of the votes.  Democrat Joe Donnelly, of course, won that election by some six percentage points over Republican Richard Mourdock.

While Andy says on his website that he is an eight-time candidate, the rhetoric of the campaign is usually raised when he's aboard.  He's incredibly intelligent and speaks more from principle than from popular positions.  I, for one, respect Horning's strict adherence to his principles as a Libertarian.  He is a Libertarian that is a credit to his party and to politics, in general.

In the 8th Congressional District, he could pull some votes from Bucshon.  With a popular Democrat in the race, who knows what might happen?  Bucshon seems to have built a coalition of his own getting between 53 and 57 percent of the vote.  If Horning could pull him under 50 percent with a popular Democrat in the race, who knows?

Horning would probably cuss me (if he cussed) for playing the "he would pull votes away from" game because he doesn't think about politics that way, so I'll just say this.  Andy Horning will be a force to be reckoned with in the 2014 Election Cycle in the 8th District.  If he can improve on the five percent that John Cunningham got in 2010 (and there's no reason to think he can't), he could make this a really interesting race in the "Bloody 8th".  

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