Monday, August 26, 2013

Superior Court Panel Releases Newly-Drawn CCC Districts

Today, a panel of Marion County Superior Court Judges released a set of new City-County Council district boundaries designed not based on politics but based on nothing but compactness and population according to the Indianapolis Star.

The 25 City-County Council districts are vastly different to the proposed maps by either political party so far.  If they are allowed to stand by higher courts, the Star's Jon Murray reports that in 2015 six districts would feature head-to-head competition between incumbent Councillors and seven districts would be wide open with no incumbents.

It's not a particularly friendly set of maps to either of the two major political parties, but the three Democratic judges on the panel approved the plan while the two Republicans disagreed.  

You can review the proposed districts here.  The Indiana Supreme Court is likely to take up the case according to Murray and most people that I've talked to.  The case began when Republicans tried to jam through a set of maps they passed in 2011 but Mayor Greg Ballard signed into law in 2012.  Democrats took control of the Council in 2012 and the law requires that redistricting be done in 2012.  

Earlier, the court panel, in another 3-2 vote, said that the redrawing of the districts in 2011 did not comply with the law even though Ballard signed the districts into law in 2012.  

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