Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shella Reports Dwayne Sawyer to Be Next Auditor

Dwayne Sawyer
Photo from Facebook
WISH-TV's Jim Shella reports that Brownsburg Town Council President Dwayne Sawyer will be named Indiana Auditor by Governor Mike Pence tomorrow morning at 9:15 a.m.

It's the second time in a row that an opening for a state executive office has been filled by a Hendricks County Republican.  Governor Mitch Daniels appointed former State Representative Connie Lawson to the Secretary of State's job in early 2012.  Sawyer was chosen after Pence took his old sweet time finding a replacement for Tim Berry, who will resign to become the Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party.

Sawyer's campaign page for Brownsburg Town Council says that the 43-year-old is a software engineer with a company called Positron.  He is a Purdue graduate and is married with three children.

It's unknown whether or not Sawyer will seek the office on his own in 2014.  I guess we'll find that out tomorrow if Jim Shella is correct and Sawyer is indeed going to become the Auditor of State.

If he does become the Auditor, Sawyer will be the first state-level African-American executive officeholder since Karen Freeman-Wilson, now the Mayor of Gary, was the state's Attorney General.

Tim Berry resigned today.  Kirke Willing is now Interim Auditor.  Why didn't Berry just resign a few weeks ago?  WEIRD!


Wilson46201 said...

Sawyer will be the first Black Republican ever to hold statewide office in Indiana. Democrat Duane Brown was elected in 1990, followed by Pam Carter and Karen Freeman-Wilson and then Barack Obama~ The GOP is finally trying to catch up with this appointment.

Jon Easter said...

Thanks for that Wilson. I wanted to add that to my post, but I could not find the chronology.