Thursday, August 15, 2013

Respecting Christine Scales

My blog post yesterday raised some questions among readers about my treatment of City-County Councillor Christine Scales, and I want to clear the air.

To put it plainly, I think Christine Scales is a needed and necessary voice on the City-County Council. While she maintains Republican Party core values, Councillor Scales first loyalty is not to the letter beside her name indicating party affiliation but to the constituents and the city that she serves. We don't always agree, but we do agree on how a City-County Councillor should go about his or her job.

My point yesterday was just to say that it's not the majority party's duty to meddle in the minority party's business. The blog post went into the removal of Republican Councillor Marilyn Pfisterer from the Public Safety Committee and the appointment of Scales to that committee by the Democrats. The custom on the Council has always been to allow the out-of-power party to take care of its own committee business. That did not happen, and I took a position of opposition against my own party on the issue.

I want to be clear that even though I stand by my original point and I don't believe the Democrats should have made messed with Republican City-County Council Committee appointments, I do believe that Scales will be an excellent addition to the Public Safety Committee now that she's back on that committee. We need a person like her that doesn't look at party affiliation and loyalty first at the table to solve our deep public safety issues.

I think my respect for Councillor Scales and other Republicans that often will consider working with Democrats such as Bob Lutz and Jeff Miller got lost in the discussion of my larger point. I should have been more clear, and I regret that I was not. Sometimes you shouldn't write blog posts on complicated issues while tired.

The true stars of the Council are those public servants that wear their party affiliations loosely in the name of their constituents and the good of the city. We have a few of those on the Democratic side like my good friend Zach Adamson. The Republicans have Councillors like Christine Scales, and I believe that all citizens of Indianapolis should be glad for these voices of reason.

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