Monday, August 26, 2013

Misconduct Charges Filed Against Superior Court Judge

Judge Kimberly Brown (D)
The Judicial Qualifications Commission has filed 45 counts of misconduct against Marion Superior Court Judge Kimberly Brown according to the Indianapolis Star.

As in all things, Judge Brown is innocent until proven guilty.  The charges will be heard by the Indiana Supreme Court, and there are some pretty serious sounding charges against Judge Brown.  The Indianapolis Star says Brown is accused of "dereliction of duty, delaying cases, failing to complete paperwork, creating a hostile environment for attorneys and court personnel, failing to train or supervise staff, and delaying the release of at least nine defendants."  The Star also says that Brown is accused of delaying holding bench trials if she did not believe they could be completed by 4:00 p.m.

It's unclear what Brown intends to do in the wake of this action or if the Marion County Democratic Party will continue to support her candidacy for reelection.  She is one of the six incumbent D's running on the 2014 ticket.  If she does decide to abandon her campaign, that would leave four openings on the bench for Democrats to fill.  It's a big IF because even if the Democrats abandon Brown, she has run against the party before.

Back in 2008, Brown did not go through the Marion County Democratic Party's slating process and did not even file her paperwork until almost the very last minute after slating had occurred.  She went on to be elected by Democrats at the polls in May of 2008 in that crazy primary election that saw Hillary Clinton just nip President Barack Obama in Indiana.  Obama, however, carried Marion County.  Warren Township Small Claims Court Judge Garland Graves was the member of the slate bucked by Brown in 2008.

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